enjoy spending
money again

Mon helps you set and track recurring expenses so you could become financially free without getting crazy rich. It's money, but simpler.
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a breath of fresh air

Less noise. More information. Mon helps you track your expenses easily with an experience that doesn’t feel like tax filings and spreadsheets.

Feature 1: Recurring expenses change how you perceive money.

spend intentionally

Mon helps you set recurring expenses that contribute to your lifestyle.

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know your expenses

Mon lets you know the cost of an expense per month or year and when it’s due.

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stay on budget

Mon remembers if you overspend or save so you could always stay on budget.


share your expenses

Share with your partner, parents, or department how much your expenses cost


lists and events

Categorize your expenses and create timelines with different recurring expenses.

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financial minimalism

Instead of spending first, then tracking second, Mon promotes intentional spending using recurring expenses. This changes how you perceive how you spend. This way, you can take more informed decisions and take control of your money and enrich your life without getting crazy rich or sacrificing your lifestyle.

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made for everyone and everyone loves it

It makes me feel good about myself financially, even if it's not rosy. It just sorts things out without that feeling of guilt.


This is what financial minimalism feels like. It does not let money fly out of my pocket by default.


At first, it can be hard to follow. But once I played by its rules, it is mind-blowing how much I save without sacrificing on my lifestyle.


all about your money—wherever you are or go

coming soon to everyone in the world